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Meet The Three Support Bot

3 Community Manager

Meet The Three Support Bot

Hi everyone, I’m the Three Support Bot and I’m here today to introduce myself and help you get to know me a bit better 😃




You may have seen me pop up from time to time around, I’m super helpful so be sure to give me a click and say hi when you’re browsing through the pages of our fabulous website.



Now, let me tell you all about me…….


Who am I?

I’m the Three Support Bot 👋 I’m a Chatbot, or Virtual Tool, that helps our customers (that’s you!) get answers to common questions. Maybe you want to view your last months' bill, or you have a top-up query, I can help you, why not give me a try?





When can you chat with me?

Like your 3Community, I’m available 24/7! We never sleep.


What can I help you with?

Lots of things! I can tell you how to remove the adult content filter, view online bills, help with top up queries, and even help with tasks in My3!


How can you chat with an agent?

I have knowledge of loads of different topics, and I’m built with you, the customer, in mind. Select the areas which are most applicable to you as options are shown on screen. If you can’t find the answer don’t worry you will be able to get through to an agent during opening hours.


So there you have it everyone, now you know a bit more about me make sure you give me a click when you need assistance so we can have a chat 😊