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All about: Google One and Three

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Three is offering a Google One trial for our customers to get the most out of Google. Three customers* will be able to get 100 GB of Google One cloud storage for 3 months at no cost. After 3 months the customer will pay €1.99 per month to keep the expanded storage and benefits. Keep in mind the memories will continue to be stored, and we won't delete anything.





3Community is here to tell you all about the benefits of Google One and how you can claim your 3 months trial offer. 


What is Google One and what are the benefits? 


One membership to get more out of Google.


  • Cloud storage: expanded storage space for your files, photos, music, vids, and contactsAccess your files from a wide variety of devices like your phone, tablet and computer. 
  • Phone backup: Photos, videos, contacts, and calendar; all the important stuff can be backed up and stored securely and safely. When you change devices, for whatever reason, you can be confident that you are able to access all this 💪
  • Family sharing: You can share Google One with up to 5 additional family members at no extra cost so 6 in total, including you. Remember you're only sharing storage space and not access to your personal files. 
  • Member benefits: you’ll get tailored offers and access to Google Play credits and rewards in the Google store.
  • Premium Google support: Get 24/7 support on all things Google, such as Google Photos, Gmail and Google Maps. Just go to “Support” in your app and select your preference “Chat” or “Email” 





How do I get the 100GB membership offer for 3 months? 


Are you interested in a 3-month, 100GB membership? I bet you are 😎😊. Remember that after the 3 months, the monthly subscription fee is €1.99 or you can opt into another Google One membership. To get this offer on 3Community, post a comment below, saying that you’d love to get this offer and call out your favourite feature ❤️  and tag either @Three_Laur or myself @Three_Deborah 👍  Then we’ll PM you with a unique link to claim this offer. 


Notable Shout Outs 


  • To be eligible for this offer you need to have a Gmail Account and be a first time Google One user 
  • This is not an add-on or subscription through your Three account. It’s a service managed directly by Google therefore for future support contact 
  • Credit/Debit card details need to be provided on sign up to this offer 
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time at

This is an amazing offer and we know you'll want to avail of it. The Moderator @ mention notifications are switched on and we're keeping an eye out for them. We'll get back to you as soon as we can .


Get posting and enjoy 3 months Google 1 for free on us 😊🏆💪


 @RainbowRuth @Donegal-3 @billbond4 @dakaryellow @cillob74 




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Tagging some 3Community members who might be interested in this 


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Yes please 

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@Donegal-3 Happy to help 🤗 and let's help others get this great offer. Remember to mention @Three_Deborah or @Three_Laur to get this offer 🌺


Go again and show how it's done 💪


Then watch out for our PM!


@Three_Deborah count me in! I'll use it for the phone backup feature.


@Three_Laur me too please 🙏 I've used the email a friend option here too.





@Three_Deborah Thanks for the link guys. I added my card and activated it successfully. 

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@Lyons90 Awesome! That's a great way to spread the word 😆 Keep an eye out for my PM...................




I will take a code, @Three_Deborah  @Three_Laur  

We need a backup these days with all the photos/videos we have on the cloud.

And dont forget to check every few months that they are actually syncing by going to

if you cant see your latest photos there you should check that they are being backed up

You dont want to find out the hard way, by thinking your backing up but your not !


@Three_Deborah and @Three_Laur 
Yes please, this would be amazing.


I really like the idea of backing up photos and sharing with family

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@Leigh No problem at all, I've popped you a PM so check it out 😁



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