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All about: Webtext

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If you ever run out of credit or texts but really need to get in touch with someone, fear not! Three offer all of our customers, including broadband, the chance to use our free Webtext service. Once you’ve registered for Webtext, you can use up to 500 free texts each month to send to any Irish mobile number, 25 of which you can use to text international mobiles. You can also group contacts, perfect for communicating with a large group of friends, your local football team or yoga class. TIP: Include yourself in the group so that you have a copy of the text 👍



Registering for Webtext is easy; just make sure you’ve signed up to My3 here and you’re good to go! Just remember that Webtext is only available through our website and not the App. Once you’ve signed up and have logged into My3, you’ll then have 500 free Webtexts on your account for a month. Once the month is up, your message amount will renew. See the image below on how to find Webtext from your My3 dashboard. You can also log in by using this link click here 

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Using your Webtexts

When you select Webtext, you’ll see a new dashboard. Have a look at the next image for what to expect. Once you’re here, you can either send a message instantly or schedule a message for later.


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Once you’ve sent your message, a bar will appear at the top of the page to let you know it’s been sent. Replies will be sent to your phone or broadband. For your broadband, go to the modem/ router dashboard via or, when you log in here you'll see an envelope symbol for SMS in the top right corner.


Adding contacts

There are two ways to add contacts to your account.

  • When writing a message and writing in the number to send it to, you’ll be given an option to add that number to your contacts.
  • Click the ‘Contacts’ tab and add your contacts there. You can also add groups as contacts, just click ‘Groups’ and ‘Add new group’.

A little bit more

  • Webtext service is only available in Ireland and the UK
  • You’ll find Webtext via My3 desktop site, not the App or through this link click here 
  • Sent Webtext are not saved, for groups it's always handy to include your own number. That way you'll have a copy of the webtext you've sent


Don’t forget to check out the T&Cs