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Buy Apps using your Three Account


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With Three, you can use your prepay credit or add a charge to your bill to buy apps, music, games and more from the Google Play Store on Android.


Here’s how to get set up on Android:

Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone, and choose an app that you’d like to buy.


Click the Buy button and the Accept button to accept the access permissions.

Under the name of the app, you will see a drop-down button which you can tap to see the options Payment Methods and Redeem.


Tap Payment Methods and choose Use 3 Billing. The account will be verified to link up your phone number to the Google Play account.


And that’s it! Now you can use your credit in any of the following Google sections: Apps, Games, Movies, Music, Books and Newstand.


Android Troubleshooting

If you're having issues with the above, try clearing your app data and cache from the Google Play app. Here's how to do it:


1. Go to your device settings menu

2. Go to Applications/Applications Manager

3. Tap on All Applications

4. Go to Google Play Store app

5. Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache


There are a few rules:

  • Customers can spend up to €30 per transaction, €100 per day or €150 per month.
  • You must have an Irish address registered to your Google and Microsoft accounts. 
  • If you need a refund, you must request this within 15 minutes through the Stores. Three are unable to provide any refunds for these purchases, as they are a third party service.

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Is thier any other uses for the phone credit?

Such as topping up Paypal or Playstation Store?


Not applicable

still not seeing three billing as an option


rob7467 Are you using prepay or billpay and are you using an iPhone - far as I'm aware it wont work for iPhones to use carrier billing. 


jjmk725  Have you tried to set it up with playstation? If it's there then it'll work but I'm not sure as I don't use it for that.