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Mobile Broadband - Setup

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Looking to set up your Mobile Broadband?

Just follow the below steps and you'll be connected in no time!


How to Set up your New Mobile Broadband Device


  1. Insert your SIM card and battery
  2. Remove the back Cover of your Mobile Wi-Fi
  3. Insert your battery
  4. Replace the back cover. Your Mobile Wi-Fi is now ready to be charged!


To charge your device

To charge your Mobile Wi-Fi for the first time, connect your device to one of the chargers and plug it into a plug socket or the USB port on your computer


To turn on your device

  1. Press and hold down the power key for two seconds
  2. Your device should automatically connect to the Three network and turn on the Wi-Fi signal
  3. It usually takes a minute to connect


Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot

  1. Log into the Web Management Page - Username/Password: admin for both
  2. From the Settings page, choose Wi-Fi extender
  3. Scan for Wi-Fi hotspots and connect to the desired one


Check your password

You can find your password/ Wi-Fi Key under your Wi-Fi device's battery, printed next to the SIM slot. 


Reset your device

If you're having connection problems or you've forgotten your password/PIN. Reset the device which will remove any changes you made, it resets the PIN/Password back to the original 


  1. Turn on your device
  2. Using a Pin or a paperclip, press and hold the reset button until the screen goes blank/switches off

The device will automatically restart and you'll find the SSID and password under the battery next to the SIM-Slot.



Connection issues persisting? If yes, then follow this link for some tried and tested steps -Mobile Broadband Help


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