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Switching to eBilling

3 Staff

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With paperless billing or eBilling, everything is online so you won’t get any bills through the post. This will help reduce paper clutter, provide an easier way to organise your bills and save some trees in the process, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too!


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eBilling is an electronic version of your bill which you can access online from any device connected to the internet. With eBilling you will no longer receive your bill through the post.


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Switching to eBilling saves time, there’s no question about it. Using the electronic version of your bill you can easily view your monthly invoices as soon as they’re generated - no more waiting for the postman! We’ll send you a quick text message when your eBill is available and you can log into My3 24/7 to view your eBill on any internet device.




With eBilling you’ll no longer need to sort through lengthy paperwork to find the information you want. You can simply open your eBill on your internet device and check your full billing details there and then. You can even search by keyword if there’s something particular you’re looking for on your eBill (e.g. a date or phone number) You can also say goodbye to costly and time consuming paper-shredding!




All your eBills are stored safely behind password protected encryption so they’re never lost in the mail and you never need to worry about misplacing a bill or a bill getting lost in the post because they're available online anytime. The My3 web page uses advanced https encryption that guarantee you complete security.


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Last, but certainly not least, eBilling is better for the environment. It's simple! When there is less paper, there is less paper waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions, so changing to eBilling can help reduce your carbon footprint.




Switching to eBilling is quick and simple! You can opt in for paperless eBilling using My3 online or on your mobile My3 app. If you would prefer you can always call us on 1913 to make the switch.


If you have any questions, visit our Forum and ask the Three Community who are always on hand to help.