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Three SOS - Phone Insurance

3 Moderator

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So, you've just got a shiny new phone? You can't put it down and you don't know how you ever lived without it. Unfortunately, theft of smartphones is on the rise. Even if disaster strikes, it helps to be covered.


Three SOS is underwritten by Zurich Insurance plc and offers you a fast and simple solution if disaster strikes and you happen to lose or damage your phone.


With Three SOS your phone is protected against accidental damage (including water damage), theft and loss whether your billpay or prepay customer.


The policy also covers your accessories (up to €150), courier service so your phone can be delivered to your door and while you’re waiting you can also receive a loan phone so you’re not offline while you’re waiting for your claim to be processed.


Mobile cover starts from €3.99/month and allows for up to 2 claims per year. For full details on how to add a policy or make a claim see


If you already have insurance covering your phone and want know more about your policy and what it covers, drop us a PM.


Repairing your phone

Whether you accidentally damaged your phone, or if your phone isn't working properly, find out how to repair your phone with Three