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5G for OPPO Find X2 Pro


5G for OPPO Find X2 Pro

Hi there,


I am posting this to request that Three makes more arrangements with Oppo for more of their phone models, particularly for the OPPO Find X2 Pro


I'm a long standing customer of Three since they bought over o2 a few years back (was a part of o2 too) and I'm unsatisfied that I can't use 5G on my phone because Three only arranged to have a contract with Oppo for a limited few of their phones. 


Please, open up 5G to more phone models - thanks

3 Community Admin

@Uniquina Hello there and welcome 👋 I've linked in with our Devices team regarding the Oppo Find X2 Pro you mentioned and they've confirmed that this particular device isn't 5G enabled in Ireland. Best reach out to Oppo for other updates on 5G eligibility on this one as this is country dependent rather than network dependent 👍



Hi @Three_Laur ,


Thanks for getting back to me. I had spoken to OPPO already before logging this issue, this was their response:



Hi xxxxx , Thank you for contacting OPPO! 😊 We are sorry for keeping you waiting! 🙏 Upon checking, Three UK supports 5G in UK. However, we don't have updated information for Ireland. OPPO Find X2 Pro supports 5G depending on the network provided by mobile operator in certain regions. *Note: 5G network depends on the network configuration or technology in your area. Please call your Mobile Operator (MO) to know more about 5G at your area.


So that's why I have been contacting Three for a while now about this matter. Additionally, Curry's/PC World sells the OPPO Find X2 Pro here in Ireland (with 5G) and I would not imagine they would do so unless the phone is 5G enabled in Ireland.


I also pasted this information to show the bands of 5G that can be used by the phone here in Ireland (


Oppo Find X2 Bands (5G): n1 (2100)n3 (1800)n5 (850)n7 (2600)n28b (700)n28a (700)n40 (2300)n41 (2500)n77 (3700)n78 (3500)n79 (4700)


Does Three use any of these bands for 5G? - thank you.


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@Uniquina I'd like to look into the message you received from Oppo. Can you pop me a PM with your phone number, IMEI, full name, address and date of birth? I've also checked with our team who's linked in with Oppo and they've again confirmed that any of these devices in Ireland are not enabled for 5G and in order to connect to 5G on your device the device must be enabled irrespective of the band.