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Cannot make or receive calls - issue ongoing for weeks now

Cannot make or receive calls - issue ongoing for weeks now

I have been unable to make or receive regular calls for weeks now. I have been in contact with the chat support team and have received a new sim card which did not solve the issue. 

I have tried a different sim card (different number) in my phone, the phone can make and get calls. 
If I put my sim card into a different phone, that phone cannot get or make calls. 

I can use SMS, data etc, just not phone calls. The issue seems to follow the number as it's been present on both my old and new sim cards. 

This morning I received an SMS from 3 Care asking me to make some phone calls and provide them with timestamps. They don't accept responses on that number, so I'm not sure how I am meant to respond to them? I've told the agents that if I need to be contacted, it has to be through email or through another phone number in the same household.

Reference numbers for chats with agents are 17997 and 25428.

I have tried everything the chat agents suggested (resetting network settings/airplane mode on and off, disable call forwarding etc).

3 Community Admin

@stephenboylan Hi there, welcome to 3Community. I'm happy to pass on those examples for you. Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth along with the examples and I'll update your investigation.




Hi, it's been over a week now since I've heard anything, can I please get some sort of an update? I still cannot make or receive phone calls. 

@stephenboylan I see your PM and I've replied to you over there 👍