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Credit used up too quickly


Credit used up too quickly

Hi there


I was trying to find web chat but couldn't find it.  Is it not available anymore?


My issue is that I top up my phone every month or so with €20 and get free Irish calls. 


However in December I topped up on 15th and had to top up again a week later on 23 December.  I don't use mobile data, only wifi at home.  So I hardly used my phone but the credit just disappeared.  Can you explain this please?  I've checked my account and there is no indication of any calls adding up to more than a couple of euro.




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Re: Credit used up too quickly

Hi Anne, I can help you here. Do you have your data turned off on your phone?  That's the only way to avoid your phone connecting to the internet and charging. Have you entered any competitions by text recently or subscribed to anything? 


Re: Credit used up too quickly


thanks for your response. Mobile data is off. I definitely did not enter any competitions or subscribe to anything in that week.

What could have caused it, can you see on my account where the credit went?

Thanks a mill.
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Re: Credit used up too quickly

Thanks Anne, can you send a private message with your mobile number and details? I'll certainly take a further look into this for you 👍