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Roaming and SMS not receiving


Roaming and SMS not receiving



Using Samsung XCover3, bought as a non limited (free) phone, on Android 5.1.1 (highest available version for it). Not had below problems before.


2 weeks ago went to Netherlands for work, so got roaming message from NL-provider.

Sent SMS to colleague from Germany, who received it, but I did not receive his answers (2) to it.

When I got back in Ireland, I did not get the "welcome back" message from Three, and the phone had a hard time to conect to Three when turning off Flight Mode.

Switched off, took battery and SIM out, cleaned and put back, and then connecting to Three went quickly, however I never got the 2 SMS of my colleague.


Last week this same colleague was here in Ireland, and I asked him to send a test-message, which I instantly received.


When checking Settings - About device - Status - My Phone number, I noticed it shows Unknown.

I have no clue if that might have something to do with me not receiving the messages while roaming, if the SIM needs to be replaced or what.


Hopefully one of you can help me.

Thanks in advance,



3 Community Manager

Re: Roaming and SMS not receiving

@HDPS Hello there,  


Let's break this down a bit more 😊


When you were in the Netherlands, were you able to receive texts from others?


Regarding not receiving the 2 SMS when you arrived in Ireland, as long as they reach the message centre SMS have on average a 3-day life cycle. so it's possible that the dropped off before you returned to Ireland.


I don't believe that "unknown number" in your settings affects your ability to receive texts but it is a good point.


Do you have any future travel plans abroad, that you'll be able to test SMS again? 


Re: Roaming and SMS not receiving

Hi Deborah,

thanks for the reply.


As I am not using the phone intensively like others do, I don't get much messages. I did not get any other ones, but also was not expecting any, except the ones from my colleague.

The messages my colleague sent were on Sept.18th, (around 18:35 local time), and I returned in Ireland Sept.20th, (around 18:15 local time).


Possibly I would need to travel to Sweden / Finland in November, but that could be posponed to next year.

I would like to try and get this solved though before I have to go, as the messages then will probably be more important to receive.


Thanks for looking into it.


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Re: Roaming and SMS not receiving

Can you please send me a PM Hans? In the PM can you include your full name, mobile number, address and date of birth please and I'll check out all your roaming settings on this side to ensure they're all set up correctly. Just to confirm, it is unlikely that we will be able to pinpoint any issue outside of that because you are no longer roaming. 


Re: Roaming and SMS not receiving

Hi Shauna,

I sent you the requested PM some time ago.

Have you been able to check / find something ?



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Re: Roaming and SMS not receiving

@HDPS Hello Hans, I'm sorry for any delays and as of yet, I have no definitive solution. I've gone straight back to your PM. Let's continue there.