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Sim 1 not allowed


Sim 1 not allowed

Hi all

I've a S20 5G not bought from 3, it has dual sim, my

problem is when I try to run 2 sims, both 3 accounts

by the way, one is my work, sim the other my private

one but, whatever way I insert the sims I keep getting

Sim 1 not allowed message, sim 2 is fine, has anyone

had this problem in the past and found a solution?

3 Community Admin

@MikeC59 Hello there👋 I've moved your post over to the Android section so other members can find it easier! Quick question regarding your S20 - has it been unlocked from the network it was originally purchased from? Let me know and we'll take it from there 👍




sound like sim1 is locked.

Do you know anyone that has a sim on the network where you got the phone from?

Have you tried just one sim in the phone?


@Three_Laur It was bought from an independent phone shop,

I think my best bet is to talk to them I'll let you know the outcome

@billbond4 Hi Billy as I've mentioned to Laura it was bought at a independent retail and sold as new

I think my dispute is with them, a single sim works perfectly in Sim 2, no sim works in Sim 1.

It sounds like a IMEI lock out.

Let us know how you get on