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Avoid Inadvertent Roaming Charges

Avoid Inadvertent Roaming Charges


If you're using your phone abroad, it's possible to spend your credit or run up your bill without meaning to. To avoid inadvertent roaming charges, we recommend the following steps:

  • Regularly checking your usage and spend using My3.
  • Use Wi-Fi where possible, instead of mobile data. 
  • Making sure you don’t have apps running in the background that they might still be using data. Always shut down apps individually after use.
  • Turn off automatic app updates/downloads.
  • Avoid streaming music and watching videos as these require a high amount of data. Similarly, avoid downloading music, videos and large files. 
  • You can also turn off data roaming completely in your phone's Settings. 


Data Roaming Cap

Please note: There is a default limit on data roaming which Three applies to all accounts unless you choose otherwise. The limit is €61.50 (incl. VAT) per monthly billing period.


For more info on our data roaming cap, including how to amend your cap, see the following links:


EU Roaming

Since 2017, most of our plans include an EU data allowance. For example, our €20 prepay deal includes 6GB EU roaming allowance. If you’re not sure how much your plan includes, you can check your roaming allowance on your My3 account, listed with your other allowances.


For more info on roaming, including roaming rates and FAQs, visit