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Prevent High Bills

How do I prevent high bills?


It's never nice to get a bill that's higher than expected, so we've put together some tips to help you control your spend.


Track Your Usage

Keeping a regular eye on your usage will stop you from going over your inclusive allowances. It will also help you keep track of what you're spending on calls, texts or data.

Click here for more information on tracking your usage.


Add a Spend Alert 

Spend Alerts will let you know if you have spent more than a certain amount.

Click here for more information on Spend Alerts.


Check Call Charges 

Not all calls are covered by your plan or inclusive units. For example, calls to Directory Enquiries or 1850 numbers are not included in our plans, and so you will be charged for those types of calls. Similarly, calling international numbers from Ireland may run up your bill, depending on your plan.  


Check Roaming Rates 

If you're going abroad, you may incur costs for calls, texts and data use. Full details of roaming rates can be found at For some tips on avoiding high roaming charges, see Avoid Inadvertent Roaming Charges