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Access to previous bills


Access to previous bills

Hi there, 


I switched to the new My3 set up and seem to have lost all access to my previous bills, which I need for work - both for billing and for locating numbers called in recent months. Can you advise as to how I can access same as soon as possible, thanks kindly.





At Three we take your and every customer's security and data privacy very seriously. This would have needed to be investigated immediately.


When you contacted us by phone you should have been given instructions on how to proceed. This would have included going to our website "contact us" and sending the relevant attachments. If all of this has been done, and going by what you are saying, the email you received was from our complaint department. You can be assured that a thorough investigation has been carried out, linking in with all available resources and the final result would have been mentioned in the email to you.

As @billbond suggested, contact your bank. I'd strongly suggest confirming how many purchases there were and which company or companies the payment/payments went to. It's best to contact the company/companies with this information too.


Please let me know if this has been done.