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Amazon offers & charges


Amazon offers & charges



Signed up to the kindle unlimited and prime video awhile ago.  Cancelled them again through the my3 portal about a month later.

I checked my bill today which is the first month after the 3 free months expired and i have been charged nearly an extra 15e for these even though i cancelled  ages ago.

If i log onto the 3 portal they are showing as request cancelled and no other options appear?


Can someone check this out for me please


Thank you



3 Community Admin

@markf2006 Hi there, I'm happy to check this out for you. When looking at your bill do you see the dates you were charged for? If so, are these dates before or after you cancelled the add on? Let me know and we'll take it from there.



Hi Laur


the date appears on the bill as

prime video 07/06 to 06/07 and

kindle unlimited 29/06 to 28/07


i signed up for both in march and cancelled both prob start of may sometime. 

on my services it has status request_cancel on both


thank you

@markf2006 Ok, pop me a PM with your details so I can check this on my side. It sounds like the cancellation request may have not gone through fully. I'll need your phone number, full name, address and date of birth.