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Can't Access mythree account

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Can't Access mythree account

Had to change my mythree account in last few days to some new version of it.

Was basically just logging in to see my usage but also trying to find out when I'm due an upgrade. Got logged in, but get this message:

No Active Customer or Subscriptions were Found
Any ideas?

Hello people from Three, 


I am trying to log into my 3 account and I am having a lot of hassle. I manage to log in but once I log in, if I click where it says My3 (on the top right hand side corner of the screen, as one of the options that appear when you click on the little triangle besides the icon with the shape of a person), the following message appears: 

What you are looking could not be found.
Error Code: 400
And the same appears if I try to click on any of the options on the menu (Shop, Accessories, 3Plus, 3Money, My3, Help). 
I dont know what to do.  I tried to look for the option to Chat with someone on the site (in the Contact Us section), but it doesnt appear to be working. Can you help me please?

Hi all, can you clear the cache/history? If you're continuing to have difficulties logging into My3, please send one of your Mods a PM with your details, so we can look into this for you 👍

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I have the same issue. Also if I try to re-register I am told that my account has already been upgraded.

It’s a bit ridiculous, you would always give something a chance as it’s only changed over but surely the calls they are receiving are saying the same thing that they would properly look into things and see where the issue is

Hi, I have the same issue for months!


Is there any solution Three? What are you doing? I've been in contact I don't know how many times by phone and chat - all unuseful so far. You keep saying "try it in a couple of days", really?


I really need to login to my account and it looks like my email exist (so I can't create a new one) but I don't have any account or service with you.. That's strange because you keep charging me for your NO-services with you.


I'm very disappointed with you guys.

Someone can contact me to solve my problem, please?



@fbrugat Good morning, let me take a look at this for you. So when you try to register you're being told your email already exists, is that right? And if you click on the 'Forgotten Password' link what happens then? Also, is this happening on the website and the app? Let me know 👍

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I'm all sorted now thank you. My accounts were reset and everything is fine.



thanks for the help. So basically, when I try to login it says "No active customer or subscriptions were found" - please find attached screenshot.


I tried everything, I reset my password - with the new password exactly the same, I try to register again and then it says that my email already exist.



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I simply contacted 3 by telephone once everything had calmed down viru wise, explained the situation and they deleted my account and I re-registered....sorted !. Suggest you do the same.

Thanks @Anonymous !


I already called a few times, but I'll try again in a few days.