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Can't access live chat


Can't access live chat

I've been trying to get through to the live chat for a few days bit it doesn't seem to be working at all. Can someone help!


I have the same problem. I can't access to live chat on my laptop at all but on my mobile phone I can access but only when I'm not log in to my 3 account, if I log in to 3 account it show nothing for live chat. Maybe you should try without log in. 


Hope it help.

Hi there @Smurf2104 can I help you here?

I can't get access to live chat. They would't set it up in the three store and now the oneline setup wont work. How do I get access to live chat? This is all I get now "Sorry, no one's here to chat with you right now. Our operators are online from 7am to 11:45pm Monday to Sunday."

I'm trying to switch my sim across, I can't ring up and I can't get access to live chat. They wouldn't help me in store. The switch number is 04324996 

Hi there,


You can chat to our team here