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Cant Pay bill or VIew Bill info on New System


Cant Pay bill or VIew Bill info on New System

Cant view or pay my bill online, yet 3 are sending me text messages saying my bill is overdue.  I cant see how much it is, when it is due etc and three webchat said it was sorted yesterday and still having the same issue since over a week ago. my contract is up since july last year so i think i will be moving to vodaphone or Eir. Its a joke. Continuous issues with three 

3 Moderator

@Edelb321abc are you unable to view the above via the website or the app? What error message are you receiving if any? Are you able to view other options in your account?


Why do you guys persist in making this look like its a new issue. Many many users have been unable to do this for the last number of months, I'm up to 7 now and still no sign of a fix except the usual "our team are working on it crap"


It really is rediculous and insulting that three treat their customers like that



I have the same problem, every time I press 'pay bill' it just bring me back to the dashboard, i've clicked on every possible option and it just does the same thing,  I also tried using the live chat and just recieve 1 useless message every 30 minutes which don't help at all.

3 Community Manager

@stokes252 Hi there 👋 I'm happy to help you out here. Tell me, do you have a business account or a personal account? The reason I'm asking is some business users don't have access to bills on My3. Let me know 👍

I too have been experiencing this on both the website and app since the update. I have contacted the chat feature via the app but was given a 'conversation resolved by agent' as a reply, despite been offered no assistance or resolution. Any help would be great with this issue. 

Hi Cillian, pop us a PM and we'll check this out!

Same problem - cannot view my bill. Tried online chat agent but not happy handing over the volume of personal information requested by the person at the other end of a keyboard - and I did pass over far too much in hindsight, The online agent then advised me to phone 1913 which I did. No option to speak to a customer support agent on 1913, and none of the relevant menu options of any help in resolving the problem. How difficult can it be to provide customers with an option to view their bills?

3 Community Manager

@JJC Hello 😃 let's take a look for you. To get the ball rolling, is your account a business account or a personal account? 



I too cannot view anything on My3 account, except for preferences and what is left of my balance. I'm a personal simo bill pay customer, and when I log into My3 cannot view my plan, or current bill, or past bills. This is all since the update. I'd like to be able to view my entire account please.