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I am the manager of a business in South Dublin County.  We have been with your company for years and at present have 4 mobile numbers with Three.  Today I called to the store in Tallaght to purchase a SIM only card that I wanted to put onto our present account.  


I was informed by the staff member in the Square Shop that I couldn't add a new Sim Card to the account as our account was a "corporate"account and they couldn't sign up new accounts.  I explained that I had already walked into the same shop in Tallaght to add 3 of our existing accounts and to also process updgrades.  The shop assistant insisted that I couldn't have done this (it's rubbish - I remember quite clearly buying 2 of the phones and adding them to the account as new accounts).  In fact, one of the staff who was getting a new phone accompanied me on one occasion to get her new phone>


I was told I would have to contact Three directly about it even though I explained that I had already done the exact same process on 3 occasions.  The assistant was most unhelpful and dismissive. 


I left the shop and rang three customer care and spoke to a very helpful young man (Gerard).   I explained what had happened and talked about my frustration (we have a new staff member starting tomorrow and I want her to have a phone!).  He spoke to his  line manager and came back to me and said that I could add another phone to the account, that the information that the Three Store gave me was incorrect, how he couldn't understand why they had said I couldn't add the number and that the Three Store just needed to ring retail in relation this 

In fact - his point was that I needed to go into the store and get it done there as he couldn't do it from customer care. 


So I was left in a position where the store told me they couldn't give me the Sim Card and Customer Care were telling me that they couldn't do so either - but that I needed to go into the store to do it (can you imagine how frustrating as a customer that is!)


I returned to the store and spoke to the assistant (I still had Gerard on the line).  I explained that Gerard had said I could get the SIM Card if she would speak to retail.  I also offered to hand over my phone so she could talk to Gerard and hear it from the horses mouth (so to speak).  She refused to do so and basically re-iterated the mantra that she couldn't do anything and that she was busy with another customer.  She wasn't prepared to talk to Gerard (from your customer care), she wasn't prepared to ring retail.   She also threw her eyes up to heaven to another retail assistant and made some comment under her breath - this in a shop with other customers present who had witnessed the exchange between us.


I left the shop humiliated!  She was dismissive of me and in no way helpful and I was truely upset as I felt treated incredibly disrespectfully. So much so that I stood outside the shop in tears having felt completely humiliated in public.  I had to finish my call with Gerard as I was so upset.   I'd have to add that this is not the first time that I have a similar experience with the same store.  


Look - I'm not an unreasonable person. I'm a professional person working in a managerial role in a busy company.  I'm not agressive or rude.  I like to be polite and helpful when dealing with people - but the way I was dealt with today was dreadful.  My staff in our organisation deal with the public and if one of my team behaved in the way this lady did today to a member of the public - I would certainly be having words around it and talking about discipline.  


So - I remain in a situation that for some reason, I'm trying to give Three business by adding another SIM Card to an account, and all that's happening is that I'm being treated like dirt by a representative of your company.  To be honest - it beggars belief.  


My sense now is to revist all the accounts we hold with you (2 of them are out of contract) and move elsewhere.  Can you give me a good reason to stay with Three after being treated like this?



3 Community Manager

Re: Complaint

Hi Tricia, Thank you for getting in touch with us here and I'm very sorry to hear you've had a poor experience, I'd like to follow up on this for you. Can you send me a Private message with your account number, address and date of birth please? I'll then be able to access your account and help you.


Re: Complaint

Just port off the network OP. The best you can hope from 3 is a copy and pasted reply like the one above.