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Data Protection Policy Query


Data Protection Policy Query

Hello there

Yesterday I was charged €20 via Premium SMS for a service I never signed up for called TrimXS. I am currently chasing this up for a refund.

However I am concerned as to the means with which they accessed my number. My greatest concern is that in the past few months the only online portal/service with which I shared my personal number was here on 3 Customer Service Web Chat a mere 20 hours before this action debiting me of €20 occurred. Further more the only Mobile users affected by this Scam are indeed all 3 users.

Based on this I would like to ask what is your policy on data protection with the 3rd part company providing this Web Chat service? 

This is not about €20 which I will no doubt never see again, this is about Privacy and your obligation to provide a secure service which from my point of view would appear you are not providing.

I have spent most of my morning on Web Chat looking for answers and feel worse off than when I started. I am not blaming the agent, they shared all they are allowed to by 3 but it seems they lack any information or knowledge regrading this.

Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

3 Community Manager

@Tommy2020 Hi there, have you texted STOP to the 5-digit number that these premium messages came from? I'd highly recommend it. Also, have a look at our blog that has lots of info about Premium services 👉 click here  Our policies are available on including our policy regarding your privacy. This link will take you directly to it click here 


The same has just happened to me - Texting STOP did not work I recieved a message fail. I was told I must have inadvertantly clicked on somthing which I do find unlikely. I wish there was some clearer solutions. I have been using the ineternet the last 10 years and never clicked on anything that swiped my credit- I only switched over to 3 a few months ago ....Hmmm the mind does wonder

Hi @MOMALLIA 👋 have you had a look through the blog Deborah posted the link to above? There's some great info in there. I know lots of customers have reached a resolution by emailing, have you tried emailing them?


Based on the posts here and other forms this appears to be a breach on Three's side and they are refusing to acknoledge/fix it.


I barly even used my phone over the past two days and I'm expected to have subscribed to a subscription service?


Very shady Three. Fix this.

Hi all,

these premium-rate text messages originate from third-party providers, and not from Three. The agreement is between the customer and the third-party provider, so our advice is to contact them to seek a resolution. If this doesn’t fix the issue, we can place a block to the customer’s account which should prevent premium-rate text messages contacting them in the future. What we can do here is place a premium rate block on your account. Also, I'll need to investigate why you've received an error if you've text STOP. I'll keep an eye out for your PMs.


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Three throw your number and details around like confetti at a wedding to their trusted partners (crooks) just block your account for these scammers, It limits genuine use but Three just throw this info around and when you get billed they don't wanna know

Three customer privacy is non existent
Three customers are stuck with (scam)
On premium text messages
Vodafone Customers are free from this
You have to block premium texts to stop this, can't use your phone for genuine donations to charity etc, well done Three