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Do not receive text messages from banks and Apple etc.


Do not receive text messages from banks and Apple etc.

I ported to 3 bill pay yesterday and now do not receive any of the critical texts from banks and Apple that allow me use my cards online. Have raised a ticket and tried to escalate but have been told 3-5 days is the time it would take before it can be prioritised.

I can prioritise my cancellation after 20 hours with three if this is how you deal with service issues. Just to be clear, I cannot use any of my bank services as I have 2 factor authentication setup on them all and I am not receiving any texts from automated services for some reason.

I plan to go back to the three store to hand back your phone and cancel if this is not dealt with sooner than late this week. Awful start to your service.
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@Scottyboy Hi there and welcome to 3Community. That's not what we like to hear ☹️ I'm glad to hear that our tech team are already looking into this for you. I'll happily take a look at the investigation to see how things are progressing. Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account and the investigation 👍



PM sent
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Hello, I have the same problem. Recently moved from other network. Was also given 3-5 working days but I cannot activate my iMessage or get text from bank etc. This is a major issue.

Prepare yourself for the wait! Plus pointless reasons why they can’t fix sooner including that they cannot escalate tickets until day 5.

I think someone at 3 has not realised that 2fa changes this year makes messaging a critical service. If you can leave, do! I couldn’t as I had moved instore but if you moved online then you have 14 day cooling off.