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Excessive Charge for Data but no explanation

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Excessive Charge for Data but no explanation

According to my latest bill, which is due soon, I have an increase of over €70 (€55 plus VAT) for so called Data and Entertainment Services.  I have no idea what this is for.  This started on the 17th November and ended on 28th November and appears to be a number of charges at €1.80.  I have unlimited data in my plan so I have no idea what this is for.  I contacted Freetext 50219 yesterday but in an exchange of texts sent over a period of 5 hours I got nowhere.  All I got was a repetitive text asking me for the last two numbers recently dialled from my call log. 


Ichecked my Bill analysis but it goves no clue as to what this data is


I don’t see why I should pay for this when I am on an unlimited data plan and to say I am annoyed is putting it mildly. Each charge is €1.80 plus VAT and I am fuming at this. 


I suppose the questions I am asking is 1) Am I obliged to pay this charge seeing as I am on unlimited plan, 2) What can I do about it?, 3) What can Three do about it. 4) Has anyone else had this problem


I am most dissatisfied about this and I am considering taking this matter further

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Hi @tomhen


Thanks for reaching out here on the 3 Community, I'll certainly help you with this. The Data & Entertainment Services section of a bill refers to data usage, premium subscriptions or charge to mobile activity. If you're on an All You Can Eat data plan, then the charges are unlikely to be related to going over your allowance, unless you were recently roaming perhaps?


I'd like to take a look at your bill to be able to adequately assist you on it. Can you send me a PM (link is in my signature) with your number, name, address and date of birth? I'll check it out for you then.



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Yeah the entertainment part points to the premium services but I got caught once and hadn't even subscribed. Check the bill, find out what company charged you and Google then for contact details. Email is best, don't call them. Open case with Comreg if they dispute thqt. As long as you didn't opt on without realizing, only open case if you know you didn't.