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Hotspot / tethering


Hotspot / tethering

I see the T&Cs for unlimited data now state no tethering:

"The Service is available for use with your SIM Card in your handset only. Tethering or use of your handset as, or the SIM in conjunction with, a modem is not allowed, except in the case of Three customers who have subscribed to a Three handset and Tablet bundle offering. In the event that we identify that you have breached this condition, Three reserves the right to suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Service or to withdraw your access to the Service at its absolute discretion."

Is this a new change since lifting the fair usage limit during COVID-19? Because I'm pretty sure I only stayed with 3 because my contract allowed me to occasionally hotspot (Unlimited Flex Max SIMO).

I also note this recent thread stated that you can hotspot on unlimited data:

Hotspots were always unsupported on Three

Really? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that someone (can't recall if it was a shop or on the phone) told me I could. Given the previous replies about hotspots on these very forums it is clear that there is some confusion. Ah well, time to look for another network. These sorts of blanket bans are very short sighted.

Its not really a ban, Three dont "support" it as its device specific and can lead to more traffic on the network.

But they dont block it either