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How do I merge my BB & Phone Account

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How do I merge my BB & Phone Account

I have a Mobile Phone account and a Mobile BB acount under 2 different numbers. But not with the upgrade I had to re-register my phone so I now cannot register my BB account as it says my email is already used. Can you combine the 2 accounts under the one email? I cannot get in contact with support to advise on this.


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@mickoo Hi there, sorry about the delay in getting back to you. As it is at the moment, no two numbers can use the same email address when registering for My3. Do you happen to have an old email address that you can use ? 

No I don't, thats a bit of a let down! surely when you have more than one
product you should allow more than one number per customer

@mickoo I get your point of view and I have sent your suggestion on to the relevant team for future development 👍 


I have Three mobile broadband and a Three prepay phone SIM.


My mobile broadband number got upgraded first.  The new system is definitely the most complicated registration process I have come to date, but eventually made it to after finding out I had to use Chrome to solve the puzzle.  


My prepay phone SIM number is now asking me to update, however, when I enter my e-mail address it says:

This email is already registered for My3. Please click here to login to My3. 
If you're still having problems logging in, you can chat to one of our Customer Support agents.

How can I use the same e-mail for my prepay phone SIM?

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I have to agree with the others .... the new system is an absolute mess. I too (as do many) have a phone number and a Broadband number and can not put both of them in the same account. Despite what it says  'manage multiple accounts'. As a person who made a living designing complicated IT Systems .... I must give your effort a big fat ZERO .....



I have this same issue. I have a 3 prepay sim registered on My3. I now have 3 broadband €30 monthly contract sim and I cannot add it to My3 account even though both numbers are registered in my name. It’s disappointing that you offer 2 different products and can’t list them under one account. I have spoken with an Agent and the need for an additional email address and separate My3 account is rather poor.

It’s is now over 1year later since this issue was raised first and it’s clear no progress has been made with the “relevant team” on this request.

@ndugera Have you seen our new Ideas Board yet? Why not pop this idea over there and maybe @mickoo @claggan and @Séan can show you their support by giving you Kudos for submitting the idea? Once it's on the Ideas Board it will follow the process and will be updated as it goes through the motions. Looking forward to seeing you over there.