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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

Hello Community,


Here's the place to post your questions and share your solutions for My3 with other members. 

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I have multiple accounts as I have 3 kids, my own phone and mobile broadband. THIS IS REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP MNMEEEREEEEEE

3 Community Manager

@AP I get your frustration. The username is unique and that way, one email address to one number. It's also for added security. 

All the accounts have the same details, same payment method, same name, same address, same birthdate, same email. I can now only access 1 account, can't phone because the queue is over 60minutes, can't chat as that function seems to be disabled. Can you please advise me on how to cancel my account as that seems to be impossible online. I am leaving 3 as soon as each of the contracts run out.

Hi @AP Can you PM the details of the account you'd like to cancel and I'll check this out for you? We'd hate to lose you as a customer though, is there anything in particular you wanted to check in your My3 account and I can get this information for you?


Does everybody have this issue when they try to log into webtexts? The new step of sending a verification text to my phone isn't working, nothing ever time it arrived a day later (obviously no good) but no i've try a few times this morning and haven't got anytihng annoying step to add, especially when not working


I am unable to log into the new my3 app, I have gotten onto the website but there is nowhere to pay my bill which is due to be payed tomorrow. I have gone to ''My3'' and clicked ''Pay my bill'' but it brings me to the same page that I was already on when initially logging in. How do i resolve this?


give a try via website and good luck because all is a mess...looks like the database went out

Try using an uppercase in your first letter of your email address when logging in via the website, see if that works


Having the same issue, I have a bill pay mobile and pre-pay broadband. I have registered my mobile but now I can't register my broadband without using a different email address. The excuses offered by Three in relation to security are just rubbish. For example, my bank allows me to manage multiple accounts with a single login, are three unable to offer the same functionality? If this isn't resolved I will have to cancel my accounts as soon as they are out of contract.

Try to create the broadband login in an email address in ALL CAPS