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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

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My3 Questions Board for Bill Pay

Hello Community,


Here's the place to post your questions and share your solutions for My3 with other members. 

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This is a backward move on behalf. I cannot understand your logic, if the address is the same and the username is the same then what is the security issue?
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I'd like to add my voice to the criticism of this ridiculous new system. I manage phones for my whole family and having to create new email addresses for each number is hugely irritating. I also don't buy the 'security' aspect of having one email per number. A password should be sufficient if Three's security systems are in any way decent. It appears to be just another method to plague us with marketing stuff. I've been a customer for years and am also considering leaving. 

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I absolutely agree with you. Same name on account, same address, what is
the issue here? This is the 21st century and we are dealing with a tech
company! Come on guys you can do way better. I too have been a customer for
as long as three have been in Ireland and mostly I have had a good
experience but this is petty and backwards.
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I registered a few days ago, received the SMS verification code, my e-mail has also been verified but I still cannot access My3 account.


When I try to log in, my e-mail address and password seem to be accepted, my details (such as name, phone and account numbers) blink on the screen and then suddenly I get the error below. I tried distinct browsers without success. Could you please advise?


Thank you.

Danilo Lopes




What you are looking could not be found.
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Hi , I can sign into My3 , but can not access anything , message comes up 'Error no Active Customer or Subscriptions'

Any ideas when this will work ?



@dglopes and @Marwex how are you both today? I'm wondering are you getting the same error since you last posted? Let me know if you can access My3 now and the steps you have taken 😊 



Hi Deborah

Thanks for the message.

I was able to contact 3 support on twitter who located an issue with my
registration last Friday.

Apparently my registration got stuck half way through the process. They are
de registering me now which should take 10 days and will notify me when I
can register again.

In the meantime they are posting out my last bill as I require it for work

Hopefully I will be able to login as normal once I register back again.

Kind regards
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Hi @Three_Deborah ,


Thanks for the reply.


I am still seeing the error. I have sent you a PM with the details.




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@Tania I'm delighted that the ball is rolling on this for you 💪 Will you come back here to let us and other members know when the de-registration is done , and you can log in to My3? 

@dglopes We'll get back to your PM as soon as possible. Talk there 😊 

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@Marwex Hello there, can you tell me what type of account you have? Is it a business account or consumer? I know that some business type accounts don't have access to My3 at the moment. Let me know 👍 I've also seen your other post over here , but moved this post to the right area for My3 questions.