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No coverage issue


No coverage issue

I'm in the south Tipp north cork east limerick region and since this morning the phone service is more or less non existant. Closest three masts are 


LK0067 and LK0138 and LK0201


Are there issues with these?




3 Community Admin

@Will3001 thanks for posting this, it will help others here too. I've looked at these areas and see that we have a mast that had external alarms reported late Wednesday night. Normally an external alarm is weather-related. I see our tech team are on the case, and will have your service restored as soon as they can. I'll come back here before the end of the business day or before and give you an update.



@Will3001 Hi Will, popping back as promised, I don't have any further updates for you. Our network crews are continuing to work hard on restoring any masts affected by Storm Ellen. 



@Will3001 Morning Will 🌞 I've had a look and your closest mast is up and running now, have you noticed this? Let me know 👍



So this was ok for a time on Monday, both phone and internet went yesterday lunchtime and came back but its very poor again phone wise, have to go back to 2G to ensure I get calls, broadband seems ok

@Will3001 Thanks for the update. What type of phone do you have and have you restarted it by any chance? 


Its a Samsung, and yes, its always the first thing I do to check, it seems improved again, I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days