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Online order questions

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Online order questions

Hi all, with our shopping habits moving more online there are more online orders now than ever before. Did you know we have a handy 3MadeEasy blog to help you with this? Have a look here 👉 click here . If you have any questions that aren't answered there, why not search your Community and/or reply below. Other members here will share their advise and experience 💪 Remember, for something related to your specific account, please PM one of your Community Mods 😊



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I have ordered an upgrade and I have no confirmation or track details. Over 2 weeks ago now. When I go into my account it has doubled my monthly bill. Need a response I have tried ringing and no way of getting through t agent
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I ordered a new phone on 5th May and got a confirmation e-mail.

But, the phone never turned up so I enquired and was told it was out of stock. I had no notification/e-mail informing me of this. The person I spoke to in live chat wasn't able to tell me when or even if the phone I would like will be in stock again, so I decided to cancel the order so I could choose a different phone. Now I've been told it will take 10 days to cancel and order for a device that never actually shipped. Surely this is not right in this modern age when it should be a simple process of somebody pressing the right button on a computer!

When I log into My3, my upgrade is no longer there and the order for the phone that never shipped remains there as "completed".

This is extremely frustrating as I'm sure you can imagine and while I appreciate the current situation with coronavirus and am grateful that Three are open and available, surely 10 days to cancel an order that can't be fulfilled due to circumstances that are not my fault is a bit of a stretch.

I hope someone can help me to get this resolved quicker,



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@SDoy05 Delighted to hear that ❤️

@JTBGU and @Evelynfor something related to your specific account, please PM one of your Community Mods 😊

@Three_Deborah What does this even mean?


Can you just answer my question about the fact that Three are not responding to order, queries about orders etc?


I have no clue who my Community Mod is, I just want an answer as to when I will have the mobile broadband I ordered.



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I am a current 3 pre-pay customer looking to purchase a new phone with a Bill Pay contract. As I go through the checkout process, I get several "Error 404 - What you are looking for cannot be found" error messages. This occurs using various web browsers, and happens regardless of whether I am logged in to My3 account or not. Twice I have been able to get to the end of the checkout process, where I then receive an "Your order cannot be completed. Order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX can't be processed at this time." error.


I have a stong wifi connnection. I have tried chatting with agents online, who tell me to call 1913. Upon calling 1913, there is no route by which I can speak to an agent, all menu options result in the automatic termination of the call. Upon explaining this to online agents, they say there is nothing further that they can do and advise me to try again.


I have tried this using the switch from prepay to billpay on the three website, in addition to trying to buy a billpay phone with contract as a new customer. I have tried using both the pay by bank account and pay by card options.


My current phone has several issues with both battery and performance due to its age, and during this period of working from home in an administrative role it is vital that I have a working phone. 


A speedy resolution of this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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@JTBGU You're currently posting on the 3Community which is a forum that has Mods in the background 😊 To answer your question you'll need to send your details to one of us, that way we can search for your order 👌 Here's a handy link click here with a list of your Mods and how to PM us. 

Hi there,


I placed an order for an upgrade on May 5th and was told it would take 2-4 days to arrive. It didn't arrive by the 11th so I contacted Three again and was told I will be emailed within 48 hours with details of when the package would arrive.


48 hours have passed, I messaged an agent again to check the status of my order and they said my order is appearing as cancelled?! Why would this be?



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I tried to purchase a phone over three weeks ago and for some reason on threes side the order was never confirmed but the money came out of my account. I have since called three 5 times and each time I was told that the refund was never flagged and that the money will be in my account soon. It has been over three weeks now and I have not received the phone for that purchase or my refund. This is completely unacceptable.
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Hi Rachel,

Something similiar happened to me. I can't get an answer from anywhere. Just been through chat twice and they simply left the chat. Very frustrating. Have you sent in a print screen of the payment on your bank account with iban etc. I was told to do that but still haven't got anything back.

I just don't understand how a company can do this and seem to have no idea how to check that a payment has gone through more than once. Very poor form.