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Online order questions

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Online order questions

Hi all, with our shopping habits moving more online there are more online orders now than ever before. Did you know we have a handy 3MadeEasy blog to help you with this? Have a look here 👉 click here . If you have any questions that aren't answered there, why not search your Community and/or reply below. Other members here will share their advise and experience 💪 Remember, for something related to your specific account, please PM one of your Community Mods 😊




Hi i ordered a phone yesterday but havent received a confirmation email

@av have you checked your spam/junk folder in case the email was delivered there? 

Phone was delivered.
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I ordered a phone the 25th may, I canceled the order on the 26th, I was told to reject it upon delivery, it didnt arrive. Tracking says it is in Athlone mail centre since the 26th may. Most of three support is telling me I will get my refund when they receive the phone back, but I never got it and they acknowledge this. I am being told to contact an post about it but THREE is the sender of the package, I have never had to contact a companies courier company of choice about an undelivered item, that is the senders responsibility. What should I do?

I've bought a phone online and even though my bank was charged there's no record that I ordered a phone, I never received any confirmation or tracking order, I have rang the customer care team twice and each have told me to do different things, one told me to send a pic of my bank statement to an old email address that doesn't respond anymore and another told me to fill out a form on this website that I am unable to find, can you please help me 

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Why was my post moved here and I still have not received a response from three?

Send a mod a pm with your account details and the order details and they can investigate

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have, I did not get a reply. My post got moved, no reply on the post or my DM. Does this happen often with three customer support?
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@Aine1  Hi there 👋 the purpose of a forum is to have members helping each other out, sharing their tips and solutions. Your Community Mods are here to help too about something specific to your account. Just let us know by tagging us publicly or send us a PM, as @billbond4 has advised above. I see @Three_Deborah has gotten back to your PM 👌

Your post was moved here because it was originally on the wrong board. By moving your post to the correct board, other members here who are/were experiencing the same as you, will see your post and reply 😊




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I made an order online and clicked on review order button but have not yet received order confirmation Email ?