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Online order questions

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Online order questions

Hi all, with our shopping habits moving more online there are more online orders now than ever before. Did you know we have a handy 3MadeEasy blog to help you with this? Have a look here 👉 click here . If you have any questions that aren't answered there, why not search your Community and/or reply below. Other members here will share their advise and experience 💪 Remember, for something related to your specific account, please PM one of your Community Mods 😊



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i ordered online but didnt receive an email yet 



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@SeanK  Hi there 👋 I've picked up your PM and replied to you there asking for the order details, let me know over there 👍

I did get an order number


but the assigned number is 08x xxx xxxx


will this still be processed or will i go and buy in shop ?


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@SeanK It seems you've posted personal info publicly, yikes 😨 I've edited them out for you're security. One of your Community Mods will pop back to your PM soon 👍


On the 4 June I ordered a prepay handset to supplement my bill pay phones. I received the order processed email and was expecting the delivery of the order as per the terms. When this did not arrive (nor did I ever receive any further information regarding shipping). I made contact via the 'Three Chat' interface.
This was the first of two instances of chat. After approximately waiting for 30 mins I was told that my order was 'stuck', the agent was not able to give me any further information except to say that I should receive an email within 48 hours. I did not receive any email to inform me that I had been placed on any support ticket. So, the next morning I tried to access support through the Three portal. This only resulted in an automated email saying that I will be contacted in 48 hours.
I run a software house that deploys Help Desk systems so far I am not impressed with your system, nor am I with a 48 hour email SLA.
Anyway, as I still had not received any email regarding my 'stuck' order, I again attempted a 'chat'. This 'chat' was even worse, after at least 40 mins, the best I could ascertain from the agent was that the phone was out of stock (even though the website currently did not, nor does it say it now) and that I could either wait 10 days and see what happens. Despite repeatedly asking to have the matter escalated and to talk with his supervisor he would not do so.
All I want to know is when my order will be shipped, and if it is out of stock why was my order accepted and what does the Three Store suggest that they do in order to resolve this issue.
I have a transcript of both conversations that I can forward on.

@f1lmacu Good morning ☀️ One of your 3Community Mods will help you. Send us a PM with your full name, number, order number, address and date of birth 👍 When we have that info, we'll be able to check your order. Thanks

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Three have told me on many occasions my refund is on it's way. I made the order 25th May. I cancelled it 26th. I was told to reject a device that never arrived. I was told I would receive my refund when three received their device back. Three located device with an post (I never had it) it was returned to three by An post on the 9th June. Three had 14days to refund me from this date at the latest according to their own contract and also the Consumer Rights Directive that supersedes a traders policy. I have not received this refund. I was told on a few occasions it is on it's way. Where is it? This is not right. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

Send a pm to a mod and they can investigate it



I have two queries regarding my two online orders

I made a purchase online on of a prepay phone (upgrade) on 13 August and it was for collection.
I went to the Three store in Henry Street Dublin but the staff there said there was a problem with the order and so they could not give me the phone that day because the system would not allow for it. He said that according tothe Order Details, although the phone has already been paid, there was something wrong the Simcard. I don't remember purchasing a simcard with the phone as I wanted to use my old one. The order details says "awaiting top up" beside the Simcard. Even when I topped up my phone, it still remained the same. The staff said he has not come across this problem before and I was advised to just cancel the order and buy the phone in person at their store instead.

I chatted online with the Three Customer Service on 14 August to cancel that order and I was assured that a cancellation request was submitted and that it will be cancelled within 24 hours and I will receive a refund within 3-5 days.
However, it is now 19 August and when I checked the Order Details in My3 account, there was no update.
It still says "submitted" & "completed" like before.
May I please follow up on the status of this order? 

Also, I made a purchase on 10 August and during the last stage of the processing of the payment, it crashed and so the order was "cancelled". The payment had went through and my bank was deducted. I contacted Customer Service and I was told that the money will be refunded back into my account within 3-5 days. It has been 9 days and still no refund. May I also please follow up on this? 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

You should remove the order number and personal details as this is a public forum.
Send a mod a pm with your details and they can investiagate