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Outgoing Calls


Outgoing Calls

Hi All, hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance. Switched from prepay to bill pay in June but since 12th August I have been unable to make outgoing calls. When trying to dial I get message unable to connect your call. It makes no difference what part of country I am in and so far store has tested my mobile (new) and replaced sim twice with no resolution. Issue determined to be technical but every ticket is closed without resolution, only find out when I chase status. Then we start whole saga of new ticket.. Its honestly like groundhog day. I am honestly at end of whitts and don't know what else to do as I'm getting no where with 3 customer service.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
3 Community Admin

@AJC Hi there 👋 let's take a look at this for you, to do that I'll need access to your account so pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth and we'll take it from there. I may need to start an investigation of my own with our tech team 👍