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Possibility of early Upgrade


Possibility of early Upgrade


For some reason your chat support function will not work.

On my 3 account it indicates that I am due an upgrade in Sept 2021, however I was just checking if it was possible to get an early upgrade, as the performance of my current phone (Huawei P30) is dwindling slightly.


Simon Hogan

3 Community Admin

@SimonHogan30 Hello and welcome to 3Community. Tell me, were you able to speak to someone on our Messaging team since you posted? We offer our Bill Pay customers an upgrade 3 months before the end of their contract. Is your contract up in September or is the upgrade due in September?



Hello, Thanks for the reply.

I was unable to speak with anyone. 

I am unsure when my contract is due for renewal.

Can you check this for me or tell me where to check it?


@SimonHogan30 Sure I can, pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth and I'll check it out.




Thanks for this, however I just managed to locate my invoice from carphone warehouse in my email. I purchased the contract on 16th December, so the scheduled upgrade date of 16th September is correct as per your details on early upgrade eligibility.



@SimonHogan30 Ah ok Simon, not too long to wait, September will fly around