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Three App inaccurate which leads to €250 overcharge

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Three App inaccurate which leads to €250 overcharge

Copy of e-mail I sent to Three recently after the continue to stone wall me on a simple case of their Three app being inaccurate which led to a €250 charge for going outside my allowance for data roaming. They recently agreed to apply a 50% reduction which of course is not acceptable. I was very responsible and reacted immediately to make sure I would not go outside my allowance.

E-mail to Three below on 24 Aug 2020.

Data charges - roaming

Case no. 08712279

On 16 July 2020, I received a message at 1:27 Irish time advising me that I had 684 MB left (screen shot attached taken on 17th showing the text sent on 16th July).

I checked my Three app at 2:48 (and later at17:05 - screen shot attached) and it noted I had 1.6GB of data left on my plan re data roaming.

I contacted Three immediately to see how could get more data and agreed to change plan to a 19GB data roaming allowance.
Before I signed off the call it was confirmed that the new data plan was now active with the 19GB available from that point. Refer to your chat records of this.

After the call at 16:57 Irish time, I got a message telling me I owe €250 for data roaming? The Three App still showed 1.6 GB data left! Screen shot attached. This confirms the app is not reliable but should not be at the customers expense.

Also see attached my chat conversation on the 17th July where I highlight the issue. I found the chat service to be counterproductive and a waste of time but it did allow me to document the issues.

This is a simple case - Three text notifications and Three app data not accurate. Customer reacted immediately to change the plan to make sure no data roaming would occur. Customer continues to be charged E250 for data roaming that would not have occurred if he got notification sooner.

Please cancel the E250 charge.

Also, the default caps set by Three are ridiculously high. Please advise if you will reduce these down before i take the matter further. This is not nice to customers and those who dont know how to change the caps.

Also, when I changed plan I did not get to access data roaming because there was a query on my account re the E250. I also could not check my voicemail.

Please resolve this swiftly so I can reinstate the direct debit.
I have already invested a huge amount of time and feel the regulator should be aware of these kinds of incidents to avoid drama and wasting time for other customers.
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@Marshin Hi there. I'd like to take a look at the investigation for you, please send me a PM with your phone number along with your full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account. Also, have you removed the data cap from your account? Let me know 👍