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3 Unlimited Broadband SIM Only and 5G


3 Unlimited Broadband SIM Only and 5G

Hi there,


My current plan is:

3 Unlimited Broadband SIM Only


I have recently found that you finally started supporting Google Pixel 4a 5G, which I own. I live in an area that seems to have 5G coverage too.

What are the options of getting 5G on my Google Pixel?


One of Three representatives insistently advised to switch to:


Both of these incur long-term commitment, 24 months, which I would like to refrain from.


Is there a way to enable 5G add-on for my current plan without signing a 24 month contract?

I don't see that option in My3 Account - I selected my SIMO plan and clicked Settings.

It looks like I should be able to get 5G if I switch to:

It is a 30 day rolling contract which is perfectly fine for me.

If there is a bill pay plan like this, I couldn't get why 5G is not supported with my current plan: Can you please comment on this?



3 Community Manager

@MV Hello there 👋 It's correct that it's not possible to apply a 5G add-on to a broadband plan, it's an interesting suggestion though. You can however change to a 5G Broadband plan like the one you've linked above, you'll also need a 5G router for this as we don't support using a broadband SIM in a phone and vice versa.


Adding 5G to your phone plan and SIM card can be done via an add-on as long as you're plan is compatible. Take a look at All About: 5G Plans and Add-Ons for more info 👍