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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

Hi all and thanks for bringing this to the attention of 3Community.  Please continue to post comments here, as we are closely monitoring this board and taking note of all the examples you are providing us 



Thanks to you, our tech team has customers' examples to investigate the root cause. Right now, I have no update other than this investigation is in progress and our tech team is reaching out to Sky.


I've moved the original thread here, to keep all the information together.


Again, thank you for providing examples and for your patience.


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Latest Update: 13/04/2021


Hi all, our tech team are focusing on a workaround for 3Broadband customers who are also Sky customers. We are testing a few options and I will let you know here. 


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Latest Update: 20/04/2021

Thanks again for your patience. The relevant teams are continuing to work towards a workaround for changes made with Sky-on-Demand services. As always, I'll keep 3Community in the loop.



Latest Update: 29/04/2021

A fix was rolled out by Sky last night and our members are reporting a return to their services. Thanks again to all Community members for reporting this to us  🤗




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Good morning all. I'm dropping in here as @Three_Deborah is out of the office for a bit.


Can I ask you all to test your Sky-On-Demand this morning and let me know if you notice any changes? A fix was rolled out by Sky last night and we'd love to hear your feedback on it 👌


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    My Sky On-Demand stopped working about 5 weeks ago. It was always working up until then with my Sky+. Sky box is connected to 4G router with 3 Ireland SIM. On Demand fails with "No subscription" or "Failed". Sometimes a lot of the show downloads and then fails. Most of the time it never works.  Sky changed my box this week from Sky+ to Sky Q and the problem is the same for On-Demand or catch up content. 


I have another 4G router with another ISP SIM ( for backup ), its very slow recently, one of the reasons I got a 3 Ireland subscription. When I connect Sky Q box to this router, shows download no problem from Sky On-Demand although very slowly.  


So what has changed with 3 Ireland 4G recently that Sky On-Demand does not work ? Netflix, Youtube etc all work fine through the Sky Q box when connected to 3 Ireland but On Demand does not work. I have ruled out any subscription issue with Sky and also proved this since I can download when connected to another ISP. 

Please help!

@peterw12 Hi there 👋 I've had a look and there's a similar thread over here 👉 click here where @billbond4  has suggested some different troubleshooting tips. Take a look and let me know how you get on 👍


Hi there,
I've tried all these options and nothing I do can get sky on demand working with 3. Works fine with eir mobile broadband. Any ideas?

@peterw12 I'd love to look into this further for you. Pop me a PM with your broadband number along with your full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account. I may need to send these details to our tech team also, is that ok with you?

Sky have changed my package to Sky signature and i can not download any on demand or sky boxsets since. Spoke to Sky and they said its an issue with 3 mobile 4G and looking through there forums and it appears i am not the only 3 customer this is affecting.

I have 3 Unlimited Broadband SIM which has worked flawlessly with sky for the past 2 years when i was on there variety package, but now they have switched my package i'm getting "failed download - No subscription" errors on anything i try to download using the Sky Q box, i can however download and stream fine using my mobile and PC connected on the same network using the sky go app.

Has anyone got a solution they can share as this is driving me crazy now.

I have had the same problem recently. Support have been no help on Sky or 3. I think best to put a formal complaint in with Sky. If a lot of us do so, they might do something about it.

I have the same issue. Support non existent from Sky or 3. I have lodged a formal complaint with Sky. If the service is incompatible with certain ISPs then they need to clearly state that i their advertising material. I would recommend we all complain to Sky. Use the link below
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@Eamon @Jack Good morning and welcome to 3Community. I've moved your posts over to this thread as @peterw12 has reported similar behaviour and I'd love to look into it further. The more examples I have the better so pop me a PM with your details (broadband number, contact number, full name, address and date of birth). If it's ok with you I'll need to pass these to our tech team also, let me know 💪


@Three_Laur I clicked on the link to send you a PM but got an Access denied message

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."