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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

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3Broadband and Sky-on-Demand board

Hi all and thanks for bringing this to the attention of 3Community.  Please continue to post comments here, as we are closely monitoring this board and taking note of all the examples you are providing us 



Thanks to you, our tech team has customers' examples to investigate the root cause. Right now, I have no update other than this investigation is in progress and our tech team is reaching out to Sky.


I've moved the original thread here, to keep all the information together.


Again, thank you for providing examples and for your patience.


*  edited 09/04/2021


Latest Update: 13/04/2021


Hi all, our tech team are focusing on a workaround for 3Broadband customers who are also Sky customers. We are testing a few options and I will let you know here. 


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Latest Update: 20/04/2021

Thanks again for your patience. The relevant teams are continuing to work towards a workaround for changes made with Sky-on-Demand services. As always, I'll keep 3Community in the loop.



Latest Update: 29/04/2021

A fix was rolled out by Sky last night and our members are reporting a return to their services. Thanks again to all Community members for reporting this to us  🤗




Hi Laur,
Seems to be working for me now. 

Fully downloaded one episode from Sky Catchup in HD and then scheduled additional episodes for download before turning off and then restarting the SKybox, downloads continued.





Hi Laur
Very happy to report that it appears to be working fine for me now! Thanks for letting us know!

Yes working for me also.