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4G Congestion...


4G Congestion...

Serious 4G congestion and dropouts for the last week or two for me. And for others by the looks of it.

And similar, but less severe, for the last few months. 

Any chance of 3 doing something about this?

I've seen some ISPs throttling some sites like YouTube in the past, and while it's the easy and cheap way to solve congestion, it's probably not a bad idea to do something like this, especially when some users are just using YouTube for music and not even watching the high bandwidth 1080p videos that they're streaming.


If you throttle some of these sites in the evenings it would mean that people who "don't need" the 1080p videos wouldn't be going out of their way to change the video quality to high when they have a low resolution screen, or are not watching it at all, and that people who want the higher bitrate will manually select it when needed. 


This is probably especially true for people who are close to the masts and always get strong signals, and are playing music videos while they're running around cleaning the house.

And meanwhile us poor buggers who are further away are sitting there for waiting 10 minutes for a 360p video to load..

Or waiting until after midnight for them to go to bed.

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