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5G Broadband Pro Offering questions


5G Broadband Pro Offering questions

I'm wondering if one of the Mods/Reps can answer some questions I have about the new 5G Broadband Pro service.


1) Does the Service offer a public facing IP Address with no NAT'ing by the ISP

2) Is there a minimum guaranteed speed or are you just lumped in with all 4/5G users on the masts and you get what you get?

3) How is the connection presented to a firewall?As in CAT5/6 or USB

4) What is the connection protocol used if connecting to a Firewall. Such as a bridge mode PPPoE, Static IP or DHCP?



3 Community Manager

@CiaranG Hi there, welcome to 3Community 😁 I won't pretend to know the answer to these questions so I'm linking in with the team that does and as soon as I have answers for you I'll be back with an update 👍


@CiaranG I haven't forgotten about you. I'm linking in with the relevant team on this and as soon as I have news I'll report back 💪


@CiaranG Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I have those answers from the team, I hope they make sense to you 😁


1. We have Business plans available that offer customers with specific needs a Static IP that serves the public IP requirement you mention. It is my understanding then that while there may be various reasons for needing this EG CCTV or maintaining something similar, that the solution that you are trying to match will determine the NAT,ing set up.


2. Users signing up to Our 5G Broadband packages will be pre-qualified for 5G service at an address supplied by you , the customer, and we then publish very clearly on the Contract form signed and publicly on our Network speeds page of the portal the speeds that are relevant for these 5G services. You can find them here.


3. The Huawei CPE Win + Ax3 ship with POE Flat Cable (IP65 rated for outdoor use)  and CAT5 cables in box, for use with the AX3. The CPE WIN (outdoor unit) comes with a flat CAT5 Power over ethernet cable. The AX3 come with a standard Cat5 cable.

The Huawei CPE Pro 2 comes with a standard Cat5 ethernet cable. Both devices support a 1x Gigabit WAN port.


4. Both the Huawei CPE Win and CPE Pro 2 devices support the following Internet Access modes:  depending on the user preference it can be configured within the Device Web UI respectively. Please see screengrab below: