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5G Home Broadband


5G Home Broadband

I noticed the new 5g home broadband routers are up on the website now. I tried to get an upgrade to one (from my 4g one), but unfortunately (despite the fact that the coverage checker says I'm covered) they weren't able to sell me one, because the backend system says my location _isn't_ actually covered. Frustrating.

Just wondering if anyone has been able to get 5g home broadband as yet? and if so are the speeds any better than 4g?

I suspect there isn't an effective service there yet.


I am having the same issue myself. I have tried signing up for broadband with numerous eircodes and apparently 5g isn't available in your area for any code you try. I can see the device upgrades you are talking about but I cannot get them either. I can only guess that they have already went live with their device upgrade page but are not ready yet?

5G Broadband isnt available from Three yet, Id say they will update their pages when it is.

It will probably be coming soon as you can see the 5g routers.

And I put in an address that has 5g but it says 5g Broaddband isnt available, so it just watch this space