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APN Settings for Unrestricted NAT


APN Settings for Unrestricted NAT

I have been a 3 mobile broadband customer for a number of years and have always used the "3internet" APN as it allowed unrestricted NAT.

Recently I have been unable to access resources on my network remotely due to port forwards I have setup not working due to the presence of an external firewall on the network. This change has happened within the past week.

I have also tried the “” and the “” APNs both of which delivered similar results.

Though with the "3internet" APN I can see my router still receives a public IP address, the other APNs give an address from a private range.

Is there a setting I can modify or an alternate APN that I can use to get unrestricted NAT back.


3 Community Manager

@jole Hi there, at present it's not possible to add this to your account, it's something our tech team are working on. Pop me a PM with your broadband number along with your full name, address and date of birth so I can add your number to their list 👍


I'm having the same issue. Are they going to find a solution for everyone or do we need to individually request this?
3 Community Manager

@Kev0 Hi there 👋 Once the solution is found it'll be available for all mobile broadband customers to add to their accounts 👍