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APN Settings for Unrestricted NAT


APN Settings for Unrestricted NAT

I have been a 3 mobile broadband customer for a number of years and have always used the "3internet" APN as it allowed unrestricted NAT.

Recently I have been unable to access resources on my network remotely due to port forwards I have setup not working due to the presence of an external firewall on the network. This change has happened within the past week.

I have also tried the “” and the “” APNs both of which delivered similar results.

Though with the "3internet" APN I can see my router still receives a public IP address, the other APNs give an address from a private range.

Is there a setting I can modify or an alternate APN that I can use to get unrestricted NAT back.


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@MichaelK Hello 👋 we're continuing to loop in with our tech team as they work on a resolution for this, these things sometimes take time. Keep an eye on our announcement over here, we'll be posting updates there as soon as we have them 👍


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@Three_Laur - Thank you!

Hi, I'm having the same issues as others here. I'm unsure as to whether I have a dedicated/static public address for my SIM. Cant seem to directly PM you at the moment.

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@SROONEY Hello there 👋 Tell me, did you request this be added to your account previously? I can check this for you and as you've posted publicly you'll now have the permissions required to PM me so let me know your broadband number along with your full name, address and date of birth 👍