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Broadband issue Limerick\Tipperary\Cork Border area


Broadband issue Limerick\Tipperary\Cork Border area

Have logged this issue a no of times now and still no ETA on a fix, I have to walk down the road to make or take calls and drive in my car to somewhere else to work as internet too slow even to do mails. I am not expecting to pay for a service that I don't have access to. 

Equally the speeds are so erratic when up and running as to be utterly unreliable. 

I got 40Mbs on one test today when the network was no yo yo ing and 10 mins later it was down to 3? 


How is this BROADBAND?



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@Will3001 Hi there. I've taken a look and see that we last chatted in January and I suggested trying out the tips and tricks over on All about: Broadband Coverage. Did you get a chance to do that, how did it go? 


None of these things worked, I've tried them al several time, any "change" up or down is les that you'd expect for normal variation. If it was just consistent it would be a start and the current week long outage doesn't help

@Will3001 There's a list of questions in that blog, will you pop the answers to me in PM along with your broadband number, full name, address (including Eircode) and date of birth? That way I can access your account and view your connections if that's ok with you?