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Broadband speed reduction


Broadband speed reduction

Hi all, For the past week+ my speeds have degraded until I am reaching 0.5MB or so which is next to unusable. There are brief periods of 2MBs if I'm really lucky. At much quieter times, it can be around 10MBs (mornings and after midnight).


As noted, speeds used to be higher, or at least somewhat stable at peak times in the 2-3MBs range which is perfectly acceptable for my uses. 0.5MBs however is not. I've gone through slow periods before, so it may be work on the local mast, or a capacity issue. If it could be logged and checked, it would be appreciated.


Note: PC/Modem/Etc. have all be restarted, checked, and rechecked any number of times. My local mast is I think in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow.

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@PadraicB Hi there 👋 I've checked the mast you mentioned in your post and see that some services were being worked on last week. From what I see, everything was up and running by Sunday. Can you tell me how your signal was yesterday and today? 

No improvement noted. My experience today is that it took 3-4 attempts just to load this page - it kept getting cut off by the connection. Speed seems to be constantly under 0.5MB (<40 kb/s) - when it works. This page is still loading as I finish typing...


This is really way outside the usual experience.


I tried switching over to 3G, but that was even worse again.

@PadraicB Let's look more closely at this for you. Send me your full name, broadband number, address, and date of birth. With this info, I'll be able to check some things on your account plus the mast you tend to connect to. This will give me a better understanding of what you are currently experiencing.