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Forward port IP


Forward port IP

Hello Three, do you block port forwarding with mobile internet? I have a SIM card inserted in my modem which is connected to the router I need port forward 8444 I have tried various settings and it still shows me the port closed at
I spoke to the staff and the staff member said I need to replace the SIM card with a new one 10 euro more expensive I wonder if he tried to cheat me or do I really need to replace

My IP address is

3 Community Admin

@Mariuszx Hi there. To do this you'll need a public IP which we can't apply to broadband SIM accounts at present. Take a look at our announcement over here. As soon as there's an update on this we'll be posting there so keep an eye out. I'm wondering why a new SIM was recommended? Are you using a phone SIM in your modem by any chance? If so, that would need to be changed to a broadband SIM.


Depending on what your trying to achieve its possible to create Outbound VPNs to Fixed Line from Three SIM Broadband without issue, and then Port Forward to the remote Network behind the Three SIM Broadband.

Hi, I'm looking to get a Three Broadband SIM and want to be able to access a CCTV system. Do you provide a public IP address and do you support Port Forwarding now? Thanks

@jbmcp Hi there we're looking to provide a dynamic public IP across all our broadband plans. Can you tell me the name of the plan you have? 



Hi, it's the 3 Unlimited Broadband SIM Only, thanks

@jbmcp sorry to leave you waiting so long. We are looking at ways to add a Public IP to SIM only accounts. I've reached out to check if this has been successful on other other plans. Will you send me a PM with your details? Full name, broadband number, address and date of birth.