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Help With B525


Help With B525

Looking for some help if possible.

Have a Huawai B525 for home broadband.
Works fantastic for all things wirelessly however when I hardwire some things to the router it simply won’t recognise them.

Example, we have smart lights in the living room that are connected wirelessly and work flawlessly however with a hub for connecting smart blinds, this needs to be hardwired. When I wire it directly to the router, it simply will not recognise it.

If I wire the home PC directly to the router using the same cable, the PC works fine.

Another example, if I hard-wire a TP Link Plug And Play Switch to the box, nothing but again, using the same cable, directly to the PC and it is flawless.
Any suggestions or assistance appericated


3 Moderator

Hi Dave 👋 Let's check this out when you connect the smart blinds are you receiving any error message?