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I had a setup for 10 euro internet package


I had a setup for 10 euro internet package

I had 10euro internet package but unknown to me it was changed to 2euro per day. I spoke to someone who said they would fix it but they didn't and I was charged 2e today.
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@Caroline41 Hi there 👋 I'm happy to take a look at this for you. When did you notice your add on had dropped off? Have you changed your price plan recently? Let me know 👍


I would say it's over the past three weeks not every day I contacted three
and was told they would refund the 2 euro and restore original internet
package. I hope you can give me some advice about this problem thanks

I'll check this out for you Caroline can you send me a PM with your mobile number, address, date of birth and we'll go from there? 😊

Hi Mobile number xxx xxxxxxx date of birth xx/xx/xx

Hi Caroline, I'll need you to private message us as I need to check your account. If you click on the first reply of this thread under Three_Lauras response you'll see send a PM, click there and we'll check this out.