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Is it possible my broadband Sim is not 5g enabled?

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Is it possible my broadband Sim is not 5g enabled?

I have signed up for 5g but as of yet, the 5g light has not appeared on my router and I have tried it in various places throughout my house. I am in 5g coverage area, as my friend who is also on 3 has had 5g coverage in the house. My router is the huawei 5g cpe pro2. Funnily enough, with it, my speeds are slightly faster than my last router, but the 5g light is yet to turn on. Please help.
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@DaraghOt, HAPPY FRIDAY and welcome to 3Community. Regarding 5G broadband, not only do you need a 5G router but you also need a 5G Plan.


  • 3 Broadband Unlimited 5G
  • 3 Broadband Unlimited 5G Pro

Let me know which one you have and we'll go from there 💪




Yep. I have the plan and the router. Any advice welcome.

That is a weird one @DaraghOt I'm guessing that you have done all the usual? Switched off router and so on? 


Out of curiosity have you done a speed test too? If so, what are the results?