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Mobile Broadband keeps dropping


Mobile Broadband keeps dropping


Since I've signed up to your mobile broadband, I've experienced issues where between the hours of 20:00 and 22:00, my connection drops randomly.

I have been onto your FB chat, and have followed their stellar advice of "resetting the router" and "doing speed tests". It's beyond a joke at this stage, as I'm still having connectivity problem at these times, and as I'm doing online lectures after work, this is not acceptable!

Can someone please give me some decent advice?
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@MopedMan Hello, let's take a look at this for you. To begin with, have you come across this great blog yet - All about: Broadband Coverage ? There are some great tip and tricks in there, have a read through and let me know how you get on 👍



I've gone through all the steps outlined in the blog, and I'm still having issues between 20:00-22:00.

I'm sure it's probably a peak time issue, but the fact that Three can't supply a steady connection during these times, in this day and age, isn't good enough in my opinion.

I'm paying for a service so I can use it all the time, not just some of the time. I work all day, so I have to study in the evening, and it's really interupting my studies.

Unfortunately if you read other posts on this forum you will see that there many others with the same issue. Also many other three customers I know outside of this forum with the same issue. Starts to get bad a 6, worse at 7, brutal at 8-10. I have tried to resolve the issue with three and they feel that I am getting adequate speeds. You will be told the same. I agree with you entirely that we should be getting a lot better and more consistent for the money we are paying and in this day and age, like you said. For what it's worth, in my opinion, the network can handle (and has done for years for me) waaaay more than it is giving out at these times. But three want you to believe it's the 'peak' times story 🙁

Same here. I've been having this issue for months now, some times worse than other times, but generally worst in the evenings and weekends. For the past week of so it's been almost unusable. It took me about 10-15 minutes to get here.

Lately 1-2Mbps is a good day for me, as it means that basic webpages will load in a few seconds, but mostly nowadays it's below 1Mbps and constantly dropping in and out. But then magically it goes up to 30-60Mbps after midnight.

I've went through lots of needless troubleshooting with 3 staff who will try, do, or say, anything except admit that it's a congestion issue.