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Older B593 4G modem and phone supported?


Older B593 4G modem and phone supported?

I have a Huawei B593 modem with a Three sim card in. I'm wondering is this still supported so I can use it for my parents.
Ideally looking to use the phone/RJ11 ports also, so that they can have a"landline" from it.
This was a setup that Three supported a few years ago.
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@bcolgan Hello again 😁 Pop me a PM with the broadband number attached to that SIM card and I'll check if it's active. If you wish to have a landline connection also you'll need to have a business account, you'll find details of the bundles available over here. The Business team will also advise if you'll need a new router to avail of this service upon setup 👍


Hi Laura.

Sorry but I can't PM you for some reason.

The numbers on the left of the SIM are 89353 xxxxxxxx and then there is a GA6S70 written sideways.

I honestly can't recall the phone number that was associated with it at the time, as it was some years ago now.

Let me know if any of that is of any use.




PS - If you want to contact me directly, my Three account number is 3xxxxxxxx so you can get my details there

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You should remove the info here as its a public forum

Send a mod a pm with the details

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@bcolgan We've removed your personal details from your post. As @billbond4 pointed out this is a public forum 😉 To send me a PM click on the link in my signature, if that's what you've done already and you received an error message then let me know 😃